This project was quite challenging and the total duration of this project was 7 months. The concept of this project was reverse auction i.e. bidding on a task by its doers. There were two type of users involved in whole process of completing a task, The first “Task Owner” and the second was “Task Runners”. Any person can register to thos website with either role. A task owner can post a task on the website and can open for bidding by task runners. A task can be any form of work that a single person can do.

Besides many interesting features following were some important features of this project –

  • Reverse bidding with an option to wither private or public users.
  • Displaying tasks location on Google map as it move on.
  • Sending SMS to all bidders when a task is posted related to their category.
  • Project Type: Reverse Auction
  • Skills Needed Joomla, Php, MySql, Google Map API, Twillio SMS API
  • Client: Fliptask
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Website: